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words written and a dental visit...

I remember what I did on Friday now–I broke a tooth. There I was, happily munching on my morning muesli while reading my emails when I hit something hard. Turned out to be a huge chunk of my tooth (who knew muesli could be so dangerous to teeth?) Anyway, I couldn’t get into the dentist on Friday (naturally), meaning I had to face the rest of Friday and the entire weekend with a tooth that was razor sharp and sawing at my tongue everytime it moved. Very unpleasant. So, yesterday morning I choofed off and had the thing rebuilt. More metal in my mouth–joy!

Of course, another of the joys of dental visits is that ‘fat-feeling mouth’ you’re left with afterwards. Mine lasted until well after lunchtime, but once it felt normal again, I decided I had better get some work happening. After several false starts and many deletions, the muse finally decided to cooperate and I ended up writing 8 pages. I introduced a couple of new characters yesterday, and one of them may or may not become an ongoing part of the series (haven’t actually decided yet). But given I’m intending to lose one semi-regular character at the end of this book, as well as intending to kill off another in either book 6 or book 7 (hoping there is a book 6 and 7, of course), having newer characters ready to step into the gap is a good thing. One thing I have done in this book is give Riley some female friends. One character was actually introduced in book three, the other in book four. While one of them is more a adversarial relationship than an actual friendship, the other will become something Riley values greatly. And she’ll need some good friends with the crap I intend to throw at her! 😀 (Yes, yes, I’m evil, throwing out hints like that and not explaining.)

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