good news...

Got an email from my editor this morning telling me that Full Moon Rising had hit the USA Today bestseller list at 101! To say I was stunned would be the understatement of the year (even if the year is still very young ;) ). I was hoping for good sales but I didn’t think FMR stood a chance of getting near any best seller list, not with all the fantastic books by well known authors out at the moment and me being a relative unknown . So, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who headed on out to a bookstore (or went online) to buy the book. You’ve made my day :)

I think that’s about it for writing news, though. I’m still battling my way through the edits for Embraced by Darkness. I got the cover copy today, which means the actual cover shouldn’t be too far away. I’ll put it up as soon as I do get it. I did get another idea for Riley 6, this one involving a character that I’ve just introduced in book 5. I think he’s going to be the reason for the reintroduction of a major character back into the series (sorry, can’t say anything more, because I’ll head into spoiler territory!) And I got another idea for the second Destiny book, this one involving sea dragons. I just need to get these edits finished so I can concentrate on my new novels!

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