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happy new year, everyone...

Well, 2007 is here, and so is the time for New Years resolutions. Luckily for me, I no longer believe in making said resolutions, basically because I suck at actually keeping them. I think for the last 20 years I’ve decided at the beginning of the year that I’m going to lose weight, and I’ve only ever succeeded in putting on. So, no more of that.

Which isn’t to say I haven’t got goals for the year–I just refused to make them resolutions and set myself up for failure :). This year, I’m hoping to get fitter, and to complete at least two new books–the sixth Riley, and the second Destiny. All totally achievable aims. Of course, the muse also had a spark of an idea for a new series the other day, plus there’s all those other story ideas waiting in the wings for their turn, so who knows what will happen. But as long as I’ve done two books by the time 2008 rolls around, I’ll be happy.

to writing news–the revisions on Embraced by Darkness are chugging along. There’s some major rewriting happening, so this lot of edits are going a lot slower than previous revisions. Of course, this story was a whole lot messier than others. Which is why I want to get at least two new books done this year–I want to give myself tons of time to let both stories sit for a while before I go back and edit. That’s been one of the problems with Embraced–I simply didn’t have to time to let the book sit. As a consequence, I never really edited the book with the benefit of time and ‘fresh eyes’ behind me. I was reading what I thought should be there more than what was actually there. Hence, the mess.

Luckily, Destiny will have the benefit of time, so hopefully, by the time I choof that off to my editor, there’ll be fewer mistakes aboard.

Anyway, here’s hoping that 2007 is good to you all!

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