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another Christmas gone...

another year almost over. This year seemed to have zipped by so fast I swear my head is still spinning. Although I can’t say I’m sorry to leave Christmas behind–there’s just way too much food involved with Christmas (and half of it is still in my fridge). For someone who’s constantly on a diet, that’s not good news. Although I haven’t actually put on any weight this time around, so I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself (although, of course, there’s still all that food–and cakes–in my fridge 🙂 )

I scored a digital camera from old Mr. Clause this year, so expect some piccies to start appearing on the blog soon. I took some nice ones yesterday of the rosella’s and green parrots (I think they’re called King parrots) at the new bird feeder, so I’ll shove those up as soon as I work out how to transfer from camera to computer (it’s probably easy, but I haven’t gotten around to reading the instructions yet). Pete scored a 20inch flat screen for his computer, and Kasey got a whole mess of stuff. This year our relly visiting was spread out over three days, and while it was tiring, it also meant we spent a good deal of time at home on Christmas day. That was nice for a change. Anyway, I hope Christmas was good to you all!

Writing wise, I’ve begun the edits on Embraced by Darkness, and though I’ve barely waded through 100 pages, I’ve already added 6 whole pages to the overall page count. If that rate continues, this could be the biggest books yet. I’ve also begun thinking of plots for the sixth book. I already have the starting pages, but I don’t really have the main murder plot yet. I do have a subplot–one that involved Liander and a killer going after gay men, but I need something else as well. Pete gave me an idea the other day about bodies being found at the zoo, and that caught the attention of my muse, so that’s what were working around at the moment. Although anything could happen–the plot I’d intended to used for Embraced certainly isn’t the one that actually appeared.

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