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there’s still 16 fires burning out of control throughout the high country and in Gippsland, and one of those was a fresh one, lit by teenage fire bugs. Honestly, if they catch those two idiots, I think they should drag them by the scruff of the neck up to where the damage is, and make them face all the people whose homes and lives have been destroyed. Make them help rebuild the places their stupidity has destroyed. But no, the courts will probably give them a light rap over the knuckles and let them go to destroy another day.

So far, there’s been 20 houses destroyed, over 500 000 hectares burnt out, and one life lost–that of a man who had gone to help his neighbours protect their property. When you see the footage of the flames on the TV, it’s truly amazing there hasn’t been more lives lost. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the dead man, as well as to all those who have loved ones still out there battling. Let’s hope the rain that has been missing for months finally decides to come, and helps put out these fires. If not, they’re saying these fires could burn unchecked for weeks–if not months–and that would be hell indeed.

Writing news…well, there’s still none. It’s been a hectic week, what with emptying Roxy and Christmas shopping, so that took most of my time. I did receive the edits for Embraced by Darkness, and oh boy, is there some work to do. Not that I expected anything else, given I’d really had no time to let the book sit so I could then go back to edit it myself. There’s something like 13 pages of major edits for this book, and that’s almost triple what I normally get. And I haven’t even gotten the manauscript yet, and have no doubt that’ll be full of niggles as well. Looks like I’m really going to have to pull my finger out once Christmas is over.

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