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googling myself...

that title just sounds…odd. 😀 But have you ever googled yourself? I have to say, I do it all the time. It’s fascinating just where mentions of me pop up. For instance, I discovered Kissing Sin was a recommended read on Tanzy Talk (Fresh Fiction) and that Harriet Klaunsner has already written a review of Kissing Sin, and says “KISSING SIN is a fast paced action packed romantic fantasy that takes place on an earth so descriptive readers will feel they must have visited it.” Of course, she also says “Keri Arthur is one of the best authors of paranormal romances writing today and fans of her works will compare her to Laurel K. Hamilton, and Kelly Armstrong.” I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s still nice to be placed in that sort of illustrious company. And LKH’s early Anita books are still some of my favs.

Of course, I don’t just look at the good stuff, but the bad as well. It all makes for interesting reading. Actually, I think the bad stuff is more interesting, simply because it’s good from an author POV to know and understand just what people hated.

But I always forget that people can actually track me, and yesterday I got sprung. *waves to Brianna’s mom*. Love the blog 🙂

So, writing…not a lot of that has been happening. The handover of the old house in Roxy happens next Monday, so we’re actually running out of time to get all of our junk out of there. Yesterday was clean up day, and after two trailer runs to the tip, a run to the Salvos, and another home, we’ve managed to get rid of most of the stuff we had there. All that’s left is the dog pen (which will now become a rather large budgie pen) and the trampoline–both of which are taken apart and ready to load onto the trailer. But through all that, the muse was working, and I think I’ve struck part of the reason why this part of Destiny’s story is dragging. It makes no logical sense. My hero has proven throughout this story that he’s not one to sit around. If something needs to be done, he’d do it, regardless of the consequences. So, would he really sit around waiting while the heroine steps into a dangerous situation? The answer, of course, is no. So, now I have to go back and insert a fresh plot path in everything I’ve written over the last week. Luckily, it won’t actually mean I’ll have to delete much. Once I do that, I’m hoping it’ll flow better to the end. I mean, there’s only 30 or so pages left to do. It surely can’t drag that much more!

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