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Happy Valentine's Day...

to everyone over my side of the world. Hope the day is filled with good times and loved ones 🙂 I’m not a big believer in the whole roses and prezzies part of Valentine’s Day myself–I think all that is just a commercial beat-up. So how am I spending Valentine’s day? I’m taking the leaping lab to the specialists. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Ella’s been limping for a while now, and we’ve all presumed (us and the vets) that it was arthritis. But treating her with anti-inflams did nothing, so they decided to take x-rays. Which showed up the stunning fact that there was hardly any arthritis in her front legs at all–a little in her toes and a little in her elbows, but certainly not enough to be making her walk like an old woman. There was a bit of odd blurring along several disks along her neck they weren’t sure about, so they sent the x-rays to Werribee (the major vet facility here in Victoria). They came back saying there was nothing there to worry about. Great, except that she’s still hardly able to walk. So, we got referred to the specialists at Werribee. Here’s hoping they can find out what the heck is wrong and make her the leaping lab again.

In other news, Karenne–webmistress extraordinaire for the Coffee Time Romance website–has set up a Coffee Time forum for all things Riley. So, if you feel like a chat about the series and the character, head on over there. I’ll be popping in regularly to answer any questions that might arise, and there’s also a Riley news section with all the latest goss about the series.

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