I feel that little train...

you know, the one that chugged up the hill chanting I think I can, I think I can…

I’m in the middle of the final fight scene and the words are finally coming a little easier (having said that, you watch, tomorrow everything will crap out again). Kade’s a bloody mess and is about to get thrown out a second story window, and Riley is about to confront an image of herself. Which should make things interesting. Better yet, I’ve rolled over the 95000 word mark, and I’m slowly creeping toward the magic 100000 mark that this story needs to be. Even if I’m slightly under that, I’m hoping once I edit it, it’ll go over. And usually, once Anne (my editor) gets her hands on a story, more pages get added through corrections and clarifications, so I’m no longer that worried.

I know what I have to do with the final fight scene, so then it’s just a matter of tying the loose ends up. And don’t worry, this one won’t end in any sort of cliffhanger–emotional or otherwise. Once was mean enough. :)

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