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the snail pace continues...

normally, once I get to a fight scene, I zoom along. Usually it’s the romantic/emotional scenes that cause me problems. (which says a lot about me, I guess. But then, I was a tomboy as a kid and never one to pursue ‘girly’ activities.) Right now, however, I’m writing the final fight scene and the muse is struggling with it. It just all seems very dry and mechanical–not a new feeling, because the whole damn book has felt that way. Of course, when I’ve gone back to read the beginning of it, it actually reads okay. I think I’ve done so many rewrites of the last couple of books that the muse’s confidence has been shaken. I just can’t believe I’m writing good at the moment. But then, don’t most authors feel that way about their stuff?

Anyway, Kade and Riley have just entered a warehouse and are about to get their butts further kicked by the big bad. Iktar may or may not come to the rescue–haven’t got that far yet. I’m still hoping to get this thing finished by the end of August–and given I’ve only got 25 or so pages to go, it is a totally achievable aim. I just got to boot the muse into a higher speed than snail pace…

oh, and I didn’t resist temptation. I watched the first three episides of Robyn of Sherwood, and they were good.

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