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I got flowers...

My lovely editor (Anne) sent me flowers for making the NY Times list 🙂 Here’s the pics:

flowers1   flowers2

the first pic is just after they’d arrived, the second pic is a few days later, with the flowers coming out. Pretty, aren’t they?

And while we’re doing pics, here’s the cover for Chasing the Shadows, the third book in the Nikki and Michael series, which is being released by Piatkus in December:


and it’s another great cover, I think 🙂

I’ve also been slack in announcing this week’s contest winner, so without further delay, the winner of Rachel Vincent’s Stray (as well as a signed copy of Lifemate Connections from me) is Tamara Brandon–congrats Tamara! Your books will be posted today 🙂

Onto some writing news–Mercy continues slowly. The hero is still proving problematic in this one. The bugger keeps smiling! Which doesn’t seem such a bad thing, except he’s supposed to be all dark and moody and he isn’t. Not sure what I’m going to do with this man (although the heroine does know what she wants to do with him! lol) but right now, I’m just writing the book and I’ll fix all those annoying smiley bits later.

Mercy Burns progress meter:

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