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Just a quick one...

AJ Hampton from Shapeshifter Romance has put up an interview she did with me if anyone is interested in popping over for a read. I’ll be over there answering questions if anyone has any.

Didn’t write anything yesterday–after watching 27 Dresses at lunchtime, I got one of the songs stuck in my head and spent a good part of the afternoon trying to find the artist, and then trying to find the CD in Australia. I ended up getting in from Amazon, for about the same price I would have been able to get it here, but at least with Amazon it’s delivered to my door. I didn’t have to waste gas running about trying to find it. (Note for Aussies–I’ve not gone American. I have an LPG only engine in my car). Oh, and what was the song? Ray LaMontagne, Be Here Now. Lovely, lovely song. The cd is Till the Sun Turns Black.

Oh, and NY Time Bestseller news–The Darkest Kiss climbed on spot on the list (published 25th May). It’s now number 15 🙂

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