I love my muse...

because she’s always coming up with new and interesting ways to avoid finishing the damn book.

Yesterday, it came up with the idea for a new book. Not just any book, but a completely different one to the three that are lined up, needing to be written, after I finish Riley 7. Yep, I need a new idea like I need a hole in the head, but that doesn’t seem to worry the muse. Worse bit is, she really wants to write this one. This is somewhat different to current series, though it is about the results of genetic engineering, and that features in the first three Riley books.  This new one is about a genetically designed female soldier who refused to kill and was therefore rejected as a soldier. It’s set on a future earth half destroyed by war, and where humans now live in an uneasy peace with non-humans. I even have the prologue written (all fifteen lines of it) and I love it. But I can’t write it, because of all the other books. I’m thinking this needs to be my ‘only if you’re good’ book–that is, the muse can play with this one as soon as it meets current targets. And in this case, that means finishing the damn book!

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