the trudging continues...

at least, that’s what it feels like. Still, trudging progress is better than no progress, so I’m not really complaining. The nine pages I wrote on Monday I rewrote yesterday, mainly because I had a plot deviation in there that really couldn’t stay. It just made things too difficult for the end of the fight scene. So, I rewrote and added three pages, and that was about it for my progress yesterday. I’m not sure that today is going to be any easier, though, because right now Riley is chained up on a table about to become a sorcerer’s next victim, so there’s not a whole lot she can do right now. She needs to be rescued, and I need to extend this scene for several pages and make her desperate before the rescue comes. I love writing fight scenes, but these kinds of scenes? Not so much. I’m always worried that its going to be as boring as hell, and that readers will just start skipping the pages to get to the more interesting stuff.

I’m becoming more and more sure this isn’t going to hit 400 pages. I only have the final half of the fight scene, a sex scene and a ‘fallout’ scene to write before the book is finished, so if I get to 370–380 pages, I’ll be lucky. Still, I may get to add a few pages in the rewrite, because I’ve got a heap of notes sitting in front of me about stuff that needs to be corrected or added to the earlier pages. It may help, it may not. As ever, we’ll see.

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