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there’s a pic of me over on the Rosemary’s Romance Books website (in the 2006 photos section). Rosemary hosted my first ever book signing in March this year, and this pic was taken on the day. The short round one wearing jeans, a brown top and absolutely no make-up is me 🙂

Writing news….well, there’s not a lot. Spent a lot of yesterday fluffing around, generally doing all I could to avoid writing. The muse gets like that, sometimes–especially when she’s dithering on where to take a scene. But I eventually got stern with myself, and come mid-afternoon, forced myself to sit down and write. I ended up doing four pages, and probably would have done more if I hadn’t actually left it so late to get started. The scene didn’t eventuate in a love scene, but Destiny and Trae (heroine and hero of the loch ness book) did have their first kiss, so that was all cool. I’m just about to throw more shite their way, though, so the muse is raring to go again. Hopefully, I’ll get a few more pages done today 🙂

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