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anyone who’s been to my website knows I adore the modesty blaise series. Modesty Blaise (along with Honour Blackman and Emma Peel from the Avengers) were the true and original kick arse heroines. Modesty was always more interesting to me as a character, because she had a dark upbringing, ran a powerful crime organisation and has a loving relationship with a man she has never slept with and who calls her princess (who doesn’t love willie garvin? sigh…) She also has sexual relationships with a number of men at the same time, which, even though it was the swinging sixties when the original comic strips and books came out, was still a somewhat frowned upon concept. (well, for a female. James Bond doesn’t count!) But as much as I always thought these books would make great movies, its never happened. There was a French version that sucked lemons (it was a farce, and had modesty and willie sleep together! Obviously, those people had never read the books.) There was also apparently another version done that never made it to Australia, and from the sound of it, that’s a good thing. So, when we found a straight-to-video, 2003 version called My Name is Modesty over the weekend, it was with some trepidation we picked it up and took it home. And the trepidation didn’t ease any when I did an internet search on the movie, and discovered Miramax only made the movie in 2003 because it’s rights were running out and if it didn’t use them, they’d lose them. So, Modesty was produced on a shoestring and made in two weeks. And you know what? It’s a surprisingly good movie considering all that. Not a whole lot happens action wise–this is more a prequel that sets up Modesty’s history and how she became head of the crime organistion–but it’s extremely faithful to the books, and if you’ve never read them, this might be a good place to start. The woman who played Modesty sounded the part, and she certainly had the exotic looks, but she was far, far to skinny and had no muscle (flabby arms on a woman who basically had to fight to survive her entire life? I don’t think so.) The production values are okay (think TV movie) and the little bit of action there is isn’t too flash, but hey, I’ve seen worse. And it at least gave me hope that when a ‘real’ movie is done, it might actually be done properly. But the best bit was the included interview with Peter O’Donnel–I had no idea he was still alive, and it was facinating to hear him speak about Modesty and her history. Now all I have to do is hope Quentin Tarantino (a long time fan of Modesty blaise) stops ‘introducing’ movies and actually gets off his butt and makes one! (he’s been saying for years he wants to–well, stop talking and start doing!)

Onto some writing news–I actually had a good day of writing on Friday. I didn’t do much in the morning, and it was something of a struggle to make myself sit down in the afternoon. The first few pages were tough, and I really didn’t think I’d make five pages. But after the third, the writing started flowing a little easier, and I ended up writing 11 pages for the day. With which I was very happy. I’m just about to write either a love scene, or an almost love scene–not sure which yet. Which is probably why I didn’t actually write anything yesterday. I’m still not sure which is the best way to go–to do it, or not to do it, that is the question 😉

I guess we’ll sit what happens when I sit down to write today!

edited to add— speaking of my favourite authors…just read publishers lunch, and Dick Francis has a new one coming out! woohoo! imagine me grinning like a fool here. I love, love, love his stuff. It’ll be his first in six years, and is slated for publication in September 2006. The title is Under Orders. Can’t wait to get my hot little hands on it!

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