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I'm back!

I’ve been off line for the past four days thanks to the fact that I’m shifting house, and it’s so good to finally have access to the outside world again! I had no idea just how addicted I was to jumping online to read email or simply cruise the net–being without it was pretty much my version of hell. Well, it is when you add the fact that I also had no TV and no Foxtel! I did at least get the dvd player and half the sound system up and running (the other other requires professional installation via the roof), so I had movies. I watched Ironman last night–brilliant movie (Yes, you probably already know that, but it’s taking me a while to catch up. lol) The Foxtel guy is supposed to be coming today, so hopefully I’ll have that up and running soon. It had better be all running by Monday–if I miss the next episode of Supernatural, there will be screams!

The move itself went as well as these things can go. The new house is a fair bit smaller than the old one, so my furniture dominates the rooms. And I’ve discovered I have far too much in the way of junk–most of which is still laying in drifting piles in the old house. lol. I’m gradually sorting through it and bringing up the stuff I’m going to keep, but it’s going to take a while.

Writing wise, I haven’t done a whole lot, although I got totally sick of the whole cleaning thing yesterday and sat down in front of my computer and opened the next Riley book. Several hours later, I have eleven pages done, so maybe not having the internet connected is a good thing for writing. <g>

And while I haven’t updated my website yet, the winner of the Destiny Kills contest is Kim Moore from Australia! Nice to see an Aussie girl winning one of my contests for a change  (and the bonus is, the postage cost won’t be so high! <g>)

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