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I’m starting to get reviews in for Destiny Kills, which is very exciting.  I wasn’t entirely sure how the myth and magic series would go, simply because it isn’t Riley and it is a totally different world. But all the reviews so far have been positive, which is great. Romantic Times have given it four and a half stars, which is half a star better than any of the Riley books. I haven’t seen the actual review yet, because they don’t put it online until after the issue is out, but I’ll let you know what they say as soon as they do 🙂

In other news, Riley 8 continues to plod along. I need to get 100 pages done a month, but so far this month I’ve only done 50. Which I suppose isn’t bad considering I’ve been flitting between two houses, getting one ready to shift into and the other ready to shift out of. If I can make it to 70 or 80 pages for the month, I think I’ll be happy. Mind you, I’m not entirely sure I’m happy with the current direction of the book, but for the moment, I’m just letting it run.

In none writing news, I took the dogs out for their walk yesterday, and we come across a kangeroo.  We usually walk down into an estate called Hidden Valley, and while there’s lots of roos around the estate, they usually keep away from the walking tracks. Obviously the grass was too good along the track for this one to ignore. It was a big grey male who was as tall as I am, and it was not happy to see the dogs. Ella, being a lab, thought it would be fun to chase, and the roo initially bounded away–much to El’s delight. Then it realized it was much bigger than Ella, and stopped. Have you ever seen a roo rear back on its tail and lash out with its claws? It can be a scary sight (and they can gut you too, because their hind claws are razor sharp).  Ella was still playing deaf at this stage, more excited with the chase than coming back to me, but when the roo got sick of her running rings around him and barking, and decided to give chase, she hightailed it back to me quick smart.  And where was Finn in all this excitement? Standing next to me, barking from a safe distance. He’s not dumb, that one.  🙂

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