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I’m just about to take my two dogs out for their daily stroll, but I thought I’d drop by with a quick blog update before I went (mainly because I probably won’t have time when I get back from the dog stroll). In fact, the whole blogging thing could be a little hit and miss over the next couple of weeks. I took possession of my new house this week, so I’ll be up there most days, cleaning and painting and generally getting it ready to shift into. I haven’t got a phone, let alone the internet, connected as yet, so I can’t even cruise by on one of my breaks (One thing I do have up there is a kettle–I can’t survive without a cup of tea at hand! lol)

Writing news–well, there’s not a whole lot happening there. I’ve been managing a couple of pages a day, although last night I decided to drag out my laptop and sit in front of the TV to write rather than sitting in my office. I’m not sure what it is about sitting in front of the TV, but when the muse is tired and doesn’t want to write, it often seems to give it a kick. Whether it’s fact that the mind is only half concentrating, I don’t know–or really care. I’m just happy it works. I actually got my five pages done last night, which means I’ve now done 45 pages this month. Which means I’m probably not going to get close to my target of 100 pages, but considering everything that is going on at the moment, it’s not disasterous, either.

Oh, and before I go, Wendy Kohlhoff, if you’re out there, you need to answer your email and send me your postal address. If I don’t get an answer within the next week, I’ll be redrawing the prize.

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