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I'm totally chuffed...

because I found out last night that Full Moon Rising was nominated for a PEARL Award in the Shapeshifter section. For those who don’t know it, the PEARL (Paranormal Excellence Award for Romantic Literature) is a reader’s choice award for the Paranormal Romance list–a list that is nearly 3000 strong. With all the great paranormal and urban fantasy books that came out last year, I really didn’t think FMR would make it, as it was only out in hardcover–and that’s an expensive choice for many. So, for FMR to actually be nominated–that’s totally amazing. And a huge THANK YOU to everyone who voted. Very much appreciated, guys 🙂

In other news–as I mentioned over on my website, Bantam’s podcast are now up and running, so if you want to hear me yarn on about Full Moon Rising and all things Riley, check that out

In writing news–well, I sort of hit a major snag with my Destiny edits. When I first wrote it, I’d blythely written that our hero, Trae, was originally from Washington. As in, Washington DC, not the State. Of course, I wrote that before I’d finished the novel–I could write anything I liked up to that point, and it didn’t really matter. Except that it did matter for the sequel. You see, it just made no sense that a whole clan of shapeshifting dragons could be living in Washington DC and nobody be aware of them. Hell, security alone would mean there’d be several fighter planes in the air at the merest hint of something large and unknown flying about in the skies. So, I had to find somewhere else. Somewhere a large amount of dragons could fly unnoticed. Close to the sea was an obvious option, so I began searching the net for real estate places with large ranches available. Do you know how many ranches are for sale in the States? And some of them were just absolutely beautiful. Anyway, after about a day and a half of searching, I finally hit the perfect place. A nearly thousand acre ranch 200 miles out of San Francisco, in this little place called Stewart’s Point. From what I can see, there’s actually not much more there than an old general store that’s been in the same family for generations. The ranch itself has a good mix of treed and pastured land, and, best of all, it has absolute beach frontage. It was perfect. So, the ranch has gained a new name, and is now the basis for the home of my California dragons. And now, I can finally get back to editing properly 🙂

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