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so, blogger is forcing everyone over to the new system. Me, I was quite happy to continue playing with the old style blogger, but that is not to be. Still, it means when I change my website look — which will happen when I actually finish Destiny and have time to play again–I’ll be able to match the look of the blog a whole lot easier. So they tell me, anyway. Guess I won’t know for sure until I actually try.

In general writing news, I just have to sending a huge CONGRATS to my friend, writing bud and fellow lulu, Mel. She picked herself a fantabulous agent last week (can’t say who because Mel doesn’t want to announce that much until she signs the contract. She’s a bit like I was when it first happened–worried it’s all a dream that she’s going to wake up from at any moment). We kept telling you the wolf was brill–maybe now you’ll believe us!

In personal writing news, well, there’s not a whole lot happening. I didn’t actually do anything yesterday–I headed on over to Iris’s place for a good, old fashioned natter–which took the whole day, because we’re both good at yakking–and last night was watering night. (for those who don’t know, Victoria–my home state–is in serious drought conditions, and right now in Melbourne, we’re on stage three restrictions. Which means we can only water twice a week and at set times. No one has lawns unless they have tanks installed or are using grey water, and most of us are battling to keep gardens alive.) Anyway, I’m continuing to edit Destiny, and getting lots of good ideas for the second book, which I’m faithly jotting down for later. I’d actually like to be writing the second book right now, except that I need to get the sixth Riley done. If Bantam do want more books, that’s probably going to be the one they want next. Still, given I’ll have breathing room after the Destiny edits, maybe I’ll be able to do both. I used to write two books at a time all the time–it amused the muse, who was easily bored. Of course, with the sheer amount of edits that came in last year, concentrating on two books at the same time was just impossible. Actually, concentrating on one was hard enough–as the number of edits I’ve already done for Embraced proves!

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