it's hot...damned hot

who can function when it’s this damn hot? We got hit with 39.3 degree C (102.7 F) heat yesterday, had one damn hot night that didn’t go below 27 C (despite severe thunderstorms that included hail), and it’s now 41.3–which is 106.3 F. That’s TOO FREAKING HOT!!! Even my computer is having a meltdown (my study is small, and doesn’t get a lot of flow-through air. The fan in the computer just doesn’t cope after a couple of hours running time in this heat)

It’s days like these I regret my stand on not having aircon. (it gives me headaches, believe it or not. But then, so does heat like this!)


needless to say, much writing has not been done. I have been thinking about the plot of the Loch Ness, and that’s gotta account for something. I mean, in this heat, any sort of excerise–even mental stuff–takes a lot of effort.

They’re predicting thunderstorms again tonight–this time with a cool weather change. Here’s hoping they’re right for a change–I need to write!

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