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Loch Ness Ahoy!

Had a couple of good writing days these past few days (and I’m hoping like hell I don’t jinx myself by saying that). After a somewhat slow start (the muse struggled a little to get into the flow of the story again), the Loch Ness monster book is beginning to chug along quite nicely. Once again, the muse took it off in an unexpected direction, and the hero has proven a little more willing to cross the line than I thought he would be, but that’s all good for the story. Besides, discovering new and unexpected stuff about your characters and plot is all part of the fun of writing. I’m now thinking that maybe–just maybe–this might need two books to get through the entire plot (I don’t plot in the traditional sense–I just have a vague trail of ideas sorta linking together and burbling away inside my brain somewhere), but I won’t be sure until I get further into the book. Right now, I’ve actually finished the third chapter (after writing 12 pages in two days, which I’m extremely happy with), and I’m going to review it then choof it off to Miriam for an opinion. Depending on what she says, I’ll either work on this full time, and do the fifth Riley book when the muse is bored, or swap them around and just do the Loch Ness book when the muse is bored. Either way, I’d like to eventually finish it–it has a good ‘feel’ to it 🙂

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