it's one of those days...

where the muse cannot concentrate and it would be easier pulling teeth than getting words on the page. I’m pretty sure this whole scene is bin material. It moves slower than a damn tortoise, but I keep telling myself it doesn’t matter. Crap can be fixed–but the crap must exist on the page before any fixing happens. Here’s the official update:

Story–Captured by Vengeance

New pages – 7
Time spent writing – 6 (with lots of breaks)
Current page count – 210
Intriguing things – A wolf just tried to sneak a kiss from Riley. A very bad mistake.
Annoyances – the words on page are sucky
Music – Dralion & Varekai
Location – The desk.
Taking care of Keri – resting foot–hurt my achilles at gym today
Muse food – checking out the great artwork over at deviant art.

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