wednesday update...

So, the hot water unit decided to crap out today, meaning we have no hot water. Why do these things happen at the most inconvenient times?  It’s a pain in the rear, I tell you (as is trying to get someone out to replace the thing ASAP. People obviously do not want money in this place.) Anyway, here’s the update:

Story–Captured by Vengeance

New pages – 9
Time spent writing – 6 (with breaks)
Current page count – 219
Intriguing things – not sure that there is anything interesting or intriguing happening
Annoyances – see the above comment
Music – Dralion & Varekai
Location – The desk.
Taking care of Keri – taking it easy during training thanks to archilles strain
Muse food – watching the Scottish architect on The Home Show  :)

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