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lunch time....

Today was the by-monthly lunch get together of the melbourne mob–a talented group of melbourne ladies who come from all ends of the writing spectrum–so much food, gossip and just a little wine was consumed. Which of course means, no writing. Can’t feel sad about that tho when my belly is so very happily filled with delish desserts 🙂

I did sit down and write Sunday though–got 8 pages done in all, which is a pretty good effort considering I also watched two movies and chatted for several hours with Robyn (a fellow lulu and all round good egg 🙂 Destiny’s story is starting to pull together a little more–her background is forming in my mind, and I now know why she’s doing what she’s doing. (can’t say anything else without walking into spoiler territory). I’m still not entirely sure what the hero’s story is yet–but at this stage, his story is going to be a second book, so I’m not overly worried about it at the moment. I’m curently in the midst of doing the final edits of the fourth Riley book, so that’ll take most of tomorrow. Hopefully, I can get back to Destiny and the fifth Riley once Wednesday rolls around 🙂

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