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got distracted by shopping...

I am a shopaholic in the making. Truly. I love shopping. I don’t usually spend a whole lot of money (haven’t got it to spend, most times). I just love wondering around all the stores, checking out things I’d like to buy and things I can’t afford. I especially love going into those ‘high-class high-price stores’ that sells things nanna used to wear (or stuff even nanna wouldn’t be caught dead in) for several thousand dollars. Such fun (okay, I’m warped. I admit it 😉

Which means, as you may have gathered, not a lot of writing has been done. I went out shopping Wednesday and Thursday (and got two lovely pairs of shoes to wear to RT… :D) and most of Friday I spent doing some critting I was behind on. I did manage to get three pages of Loch Ness done, so that was at least something. I’m currently sitting at 117 pages of Destiny’s story completed, and I’m planning to write some more on Sunday, just to see if I can catch up a little. Next week won’t be real good writing wise, as I have to do a final edit of Dangerous Games (the fourth Riley book) before I hand that in.

anyway, hope you all have fun weekend! I plan to 🙂

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