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How cool was Supernatural last night? Wow. Great acting (especially from Jenson Ackles, who gets the best lines and can act the pants off the other guy. He’s cuter, too ;). Best thing yet, the plot is starting to thicken. I knew something was up with that blonde chick (Meg) the minute she turned up at the bus station and met Sam again, but I didn’t actually expect her to be the daughter of the demon. Very cool twist. It actually reminds me a lot of the early x-files days, when not a lot of cool effects were happening (and that seems to be one of the main gripes about supernatural–sucky effects) and the plot sometimes didn’t make a whole lot of sense. But I (and obviously a lot of other people) didn’t care, because the characters had us hooked. It’s the same thing happening with Supernatural. The effect may not always be great, and some of the story lines are not so brilliant, but the characters are making the show. I’m just hoping the show gets the ratings it deserves–there’s not many watchable shows on the telly right now! (well, House and Boston Legal, but that’s about it)

In writing news, I wrote 5 pages of the Loch Ness book yesterday, and added a few paragraphs to the fifth Riley. I’m slowly creeping forward with Destiny’s story, but it’s becoming a page by page revelation. I currently know what’s going to happen in half the sixth chapter, but beyond that is anyone’s guess. And some of the revelations in the fifth chapter did catch me by surprise–which is totally cool. I started this story with an image of the opening scene, a vague idea of where I wanted to go, and little else. And it’s such fun uncovering all the little plots and sub-plots as the story goes along.

Have I told you what the Loch Ness book is about? Probably not. It’s the story of Destiny, who wakes up on a deserted Oregon beach beside a dead man. She’s naked, has obviously been in some sort of fight, and the man beside her has had his heart shot out. She has no memory of who she is or where she’s come from, and the story is about her trying to uncover her past and what is going on before the police and her hunters capture her. And of course, there’s the hero, a thief who wants the ring she carries and who is reluctantly forced into helping her.

I’m hoping this will be a two-part story, because our hero, Trae, is carrying secrets of his own, and I think his story should also be told. And there’s really not a whole lot of room in this book to retell his tale. But, I’ll have to see what happens. Bantam have left their options open when it comes to the third book in the latest contract, which is why I’m writing the fifth Riley now. The third book (which ever one it is) isn’t due until next year, so if I can get the fifth Riley finished, I’ve got time to play around with possibilities for the second Loch Ness book. And time is a good thing–as Penumbra proved, I don’t do well under pressure.

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