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Neil Gaiman rocked...

and really, the man set the standard for how all authors should act at these things (the author in me was taking notes!). He spoke brilliantly and he read brilliantly (he was reading pages from one of his upcoming books–which has graveyard in the title, but for the life of me I can’t remember the rest of it. I’ll be searching the stores come October, though), he did all the various voices for the characters and the made the prose come to life just that little bit more.  Did I mention the man had a wonderful speaking voice? And then he signed for ages, taking the time to talk to every single person, posed for pictures whenever asked, and there was absolutely no restrictions on what he’d sign. Some folks had bought in whole collections, others (like me) bought books there. He didn’t care, he signed them all. Oh, and Mel? So jealous you got a handdrawn original Gaiman pic in your book!

Writing news–Mercy continues to trundle along at a slow pace, and the plot deviation continues. I’ve only half-plotted part of this, but the muse seems intent on going her own way for the moment. I may have to draw her back to the plot line, because I’ve got a feeling it might be getting a bit talky-talky, but we’ll see.

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