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writing and bestseller lists...

I found out today that The Darkest Kiss hit 29 on the USA Today best seller list, and 10 on the Publisher’s Weekly best seller list. Both of which are pretty damn cool.  The New York Times list is a week behind everyone else, so that doesn’t officially come out until next week.  But thanks to everyone who bought the book and made those list debuts possible! 🙂

Writing news–well, I actually haven’t written anything these last two days. Mercy has changed direction (in that the muse has changed who the bad guy actually is), so before I got too much further ahead, I went back and did a read through, and wove the new bits and pieces of information into it.  So, with the story more complete, the muse can move on. Hopefully.

On a side note–I’m a regular visitor over to Lynn Viehl’s paperback writer blog, simply because she always has great writing tips on her site and I’m a big believer in the fact that a writer never stops learning (or shouldn’t, anyway.)  I was there the other day, and she’d just blogged about one page plotting, and gave an example of how to do it. Hmmm, says I, the unplotter, maybe this could work for me. Yes, I have plotted the last two books, but the plotting has basically happened after I’ve started the story. I’ve never actually tried plotting either before–or at least near–the start of a story, and this one page format looked easy enough to do. Of course, it wasn’t, because it actually meant I had to think a little more about the nuts and bolts of Mercy’s story. But it is the format that the muse has used to work out a few problems I was having with the story, and it is the reason for the change of direction. I think Mercy’s story is going to be stronger for it. So, if you’re not quite a plotter, the one page plotting process might just work for you. It seems to done the trick for me (although I still haven’t written the resolution down–I don’t think ‘it all works out in the end’ quite makes the grade. lol)

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