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nothing much has been happening...

hence the lack of blog posts from me of late. Thanks to the fact that Kasey basically blew up her engine (a result of her not getting her car serviced or putting oil in the car for well over a year–despite her mother’s nagging!), I’ve been playing taxi to either get her to the train station or get her to uni. So, writing time is getting eaten into to. NOT that I would have been writing much had I had the time. This first chapter is s…l…o…w. Real slow. I know a hell of a lot of the plot points for the second Risa book, but for the first time in ages, I’m not entirely sure of my starting point. So, it’s been a case of write, delete, write, think about it, delete. lol.  But the first book (Dark Angels) has been sent off to my writing buddies and agent, and now I have to settle down and do the outline. It has to be shipped out to Bantam this week. (and yeah, I know a synopsis/outline is supposed to be written before the book, but I always suck at doing them that way. lol.)

Oh, and the next chapter of With Friends like These should be up sometime over the weekend, too.  🙂

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