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My editor has approved Mercy Burns, and the book has moved into the line edit stage! Woohoo!  🙂 (okay, I normally don’t get excited about line edits, but the first book in this series went through massive amounts of edits, so its a relief that this one didn’t.)

In other news, Full Moon Rising and Kissing Sin have just been sold to Taiwan, which is pretty exciting. And my new laptop has arrived, although I haven’t yet opened the box because I told myself I couldn’t until I cleaned up the mess that is my study. And it’s taken me over 3 days to do that so far, which shows just how messy it was. Of course, I did have the mess of two house moves in the room with me (I never did get around to chucking out stuff when we were at our last place, so it all came up here with me).

I’m still fiddling around with the beginning of Risa 2–haven’t written a whole lot this week because of the above mentioned cleaning, but I actually dreamed about a conversation between my two protagonist on Friday night, and that seemed to boot the muse into gear a little (I actually wrote when I was having breaky yesterday, something I rarely do). Although I haven’t yet figured out the big bad for this one, and until I do, I doubt I’m going to get very far.

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