rain, rain, everywhere...

I know I’ve harped on about how bad the drought is, and how much we need it to rain….but in typical Melbourne fashion,  the weather gods really gave it to us yesterday. What a doozy of a day! Rain, thunderstorms, flash floods, hail…you name it, I think we got it yesterday. The storm hit us about 6.30 in the evening, cutting the power briefly and overflowing everything. We had waterfalls off the gutters,  a river flowing down the driveway and a moat around the house. We were lucky, though–we didn’t have any damage, inside or out. Other people (like Mel) weren’t so lucky. Here’s some pics (these were taken after the heaviest showers, so the water is starting to retreat already)

see the pond in this one? That’s a foot of water sitting in it–it was empty half an hour previously. This morning it’s overflowing, because more storms came through last night. I love the sound of rain on tin roofs…but not so much at four in the morning and when the rain is so name heavy you have to shout to talk!

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