slow progress...

I’m slowly getting there with the edits for The Darkest Kiss. Right now, it’s simply a matter of rearranging sentences and taking out extra words. I suspect, however, things might get a little more arduous once I get further into the book. For some reason, my first few chapters of a story always seem to be okay. It’s the latter half of the book where things get messy and the plot goes to hell (as proven by Destiny Kills.) One thing is certain though–this book isn’t going to get into Miriam’s hands by the end of today. I’m now aiming for Monday.

I haven’t done anything on Mercy Burns, but I have decided the hero’s name (Luke) just isn’t working for me. He just doesn’t seem like a Luke. I been searching through just about every baby name site google can throw up, and nothing is catching. I have names like Wilder, Damon, Blake, Blade, Trask, and Kai, and while I like them, it’s just not firing the muse. Maybe it’s the muse’s way of saying, nope, sorry, not ready to work on this one anytime soon. Right now, I’m leaning towards Mac. Simple, but strong. However, I might change my mind once I have another cuppa tea. Yep, my muse is that contrary right now

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