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of the Darkest Kiss edits has been completed. And I have to say, the novel wasn’t the total mess that I thought it would be. I’m still a little worried by sections of the story though, but I’ve sent it off to Robyn and Miriam for an opinion and I’ll wait to see what they say about it. Once I get their thoughts, I’ll print it off, do another edit run-through, and it’s basically ready to be sent off to Bantam. Then it’ll be a matter of keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t have to do a massive amount of edits on it. Though, with the way my luck with edits has been going of late, I’ll probably have to rewrite every single word. (don’t get me wrong–I know edits are important, I know they make the book so much stronger, and I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without my editor’s quest for perfection. It doesn’t mean I can’t whinge about them, though! lol.)

Anyway, with the first lot of edits done, I’m now free to work on Mercy Burns. Or the next Riley book–whichever takes the muse’s fancy. My next deadline isn’t until March next year, so I actually have plenty of time to write for a change. Maybe that’s why the muse is dithering over which book to write–for the first time in ages, it actually isn’t under pressure to write. I think its forgotten what that feels like 🙂

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