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had one of those days, yesterday. You know, where everything else seems more enticing to the soul than actually sitting down in front of a computer screen and doing some work. I had to head off the the quacks yesterday morning for a check up, but driving back, the sun was streaming in through the car window and the day was so warm that I just didn’t want to stop. So, I went for a bit of a drive through the hills and farms, enjoying the scenery and generally just relaxing. Ended up doing over 80 kilometers in all, so it was quite a drive. And then I get home and eat an easter egg for lunch, and the dogs are bouncing off the walls because they hadn’t gone for their usual morning walk, so I gave in and off we went. And the sun was still shining (t-shirt weather in the middle of April? In Melbourne? Who’d have guessed 😀 ) so we went for an extra long walk (needed to work off that egg somehow!) Our usual walk path is about 7 kilometers (well, 7.2 if we’re precise), but yesterday we did about ten. Even the energiser puppy was tired (for all of two seconds). But I did eventally do some writing. Three pages, not a whole lot, but better than nothing. Destiny and Trae are sharing another kiss, but I’m about to shatter all that lovely lip-locking with a little bit of nastiness. They’re going to escape Destiny’s pursuers by the skin of their teeth. The muse is rubbing her hands at the thought–she just loves throwing crap at my characters 😀

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