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a good writing day...

despite having a muse that still wanted to fluff about, yesterday actually ended up being a pretty good writing day. I did a couple of pages in the morning, then started writing again mid-afternoon, determined to at least get my five pages done for the day. But the muse was on something of a roll (finally!) and I ended up doing nine pages in all. Which I’m pretty darn happy with. Of course, a good action scene always helps kick-start my muse, and Destiny was having a pretty good fight with one of her would-be captors. (and no, the hero does not come in to save the day–our heroine is more than capable of taking care of herself. When she wants to 😉 ) And she’s just remembered a whole bunch of stuff about her dad and the past, and what is going on, so that was all good too. Now I just have to get her from Florence to Michigan in one piece. And then decide what to do about her mum.

I’m currently sitting on 162 pages completed, so I’m edging ever-closer to my aim of having 200 pages completed by the time I go to RT. Of course, if I stuck to my 5 pages a day aim, I’d actually reach that goal (and then some) with ease, but the muse has a wandering soul of late, and given it can’t seem to concentrate on any one thing for long, anything could happen. If she does go off writing Destiny’s story, I’ll switch back to writing the fifth Riley. The Lulus critted it for me over the weekend, and made a few suggestions, but overall, they liked the slower start. Which is a relief–and means I can get on with writing the rest of it without worrying over the start.

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