a little bit of good news...

got a letter from Bantam yesterday, and with it came a photocopy of the Locus Monthly bestseller list for March. And there, highlighted in yellow and sitting in number nine spot in the hardcover list, was Full Moon Rising. How excited do you think I was? :D I mean, that’s the second time I’ve actually made a top-ten list (the other being Rosemary’s Romance books bestseller list for Feb/March, and that was pretty darn exciting. This is even more so!) Needless to say, much grinning and not much writing was done (sad to say, it doesn’t take much to distract my muse these days.) I did write–3 pages, which is better than nothing. The lack of writing has rolled into today–so far, I’ve only written a couple of pages. But there’s nothing much on TV except the football tonight, so I’m hoping to at least hit my five page target (and maybe even catch up on the two I owe from yesterday :) ) As ever, I’ll let you know what happens.

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