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new release date...

As I mentioned over on my website, there’s a new release date for Kissing Sin–it’s now coming out in Feb 07, not Oct 06 as I’d thought. Sorry for sending out the wrong information, everyone!

Nothing much else has been happening–I’ve been totally slack for the last few days, and have really only opened up Destiny Kills once. I did a read through, then added one whole page. Not exactly an effort worth celebrating. I’m going to try to get my five pages done today, but the muse is still off with the fairies at the moment, so anything could happen.

Just about finished reading Lilith Saintcrow’s Working for the Devil, and I’m totally enjoying these characters (love the demon!). If you’re looking for a kick-ass heroine who’s not afraid to swing a sword, check this novel out. It’s a good one. Next on my read list is Kitty and the Midnight Hour–but given how slow I read, this will probably be the one I take to read on the plane when I choof off to RT. Which, incrediably, is only a few weeks away now. Can’t wait!

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