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some days it feels like that–that I do absolutely nothing else but sit at my computer and write. And, in many ways, it is all I do. Not that I’m really complaining, mind. I’ve wanted to be able to support myself with my writing for as long I’ve been writing seriously (writing with the aim of getting published rather than for my own pleasure), so actually being in that position now is amazing. And when it comes to work, I’ll take sitting in front of my computer over working in a hot and sweaty kitchen for eight or ten hours a day (or night) anytime.

It’s just that some weeks it seems that I never see anyone but my family (I love my family, but occassionally, it’d be nice to talk to someone different 😉 ) Which probably explains why I’ve turned into something of a shopaholic. It’s not that I buy something every time I go out, it just nice to get out, be with other people, see things other than my computer screen. And I have noticed that my muse tends to work better after a shopping bout–getting out and about, flexing her spending muscles, obviously revives her 😀

I didn’t go shopping yesterday, but I did take the dogs for our usual walk, and it was such a gloriously sunny day that it put us all in a good mood. The muse decided to buckle down a little after that, and I ended up getting nine pages done. And I’m halfway through the first love scene (finally!). But while we were out sunning ourselves, I actually caught an idea for the final scene. I know this might sound strange, but ideas generally come in ‘whole scenes’ to me. Sorta like a five minute preview of a movie. Usually it happens in the middle of the goddamn night, meaning I have to get up and write it down, because I know I won’t remember it in the morning. Luckily, that wasn’t the case here, and I was like, yes, that’s it! (thankfully, there wasn’t anyone else in the park, or I would have been catching some strange looks, I’m sure.) Anyways, this ending provides an excellent lead-in for the next book–actually gives me another logical reason for a next book–and I’m now a happy, happy camper. I’m not sure why, but I always feel better once I have an idea for the book’s ending. It makes the story feel like it has the legs to become a whole book.

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