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I should have been writing Riley 6 over the weekend…but I didn’t. I wrote a brand new one instead. I got this invitation to submit a short story for an upcoming anthology (can’t say who or what, because nothing is definite. I don’t even know if the story will be accepted) and this idea hit, and away the muse galloped. It was actually a nice change, writing brand new characters in a brand new world. The muse and I are totally enjoying it–a fact proven by the 30 pages I ended up writing. That sort of page count hasn’t happened for the longest of times.

I’ve only got another ten pages or so to write on it, and then it’s done. I’d love to finish it before I head off to RWA Nationals, but given I’ve still got bucket loads to pack and get ready, I can’t see it happening.

Tomorrow I’m off to the hairdressers to do something about all the grays multiplying in my hair, and then I’ve got to do a bit of final shopping. After that, it’s packing, and triple checking I have everything–like passport, tickets, plane book (most important), my editing, clothes….chocolate! Can’t forget that 😉

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