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after a marathon effort (and several side trips into panic over the fact that it was going to end up too short), Destiny Kills is finally finished–for the third time. And the panic amounted to nothing, because this version actually ended up being slightly longer (by two pages, but hey, that’s better than being two pages shorter). I ended up writing two new scenes near the end, one a rescue scene that ties up changes made earlier in the book, and the second an epilogue scene that ties up the remaining plot threads. I just couldn’t see any way around doing this, so I hope my editor likes it. I know epilogues annoy some people, but I think in this case, leaving it as it was would have annoyed people more.

So, now I have to do a quick read through to see if there’s any obvious problems (I already know of one I have to fix, because I changed the motivations of one character about half way through), then I’ll print it out and take it on the plane with me to do a more thorough editing. Hopefully, by the time I get back, all I’ll have to do is fix some minor problems, then send it off.

As far as Riley goes…I did manage to squeeze in three pages. Not much, but better than nothing. Riley and Rhoan are no longer at each others throat, and are now working to save Liander, who’s in a spot of bother (to put it mildly). Quinn is assisting them, so there’s all sorts of dymanics happening. And they’re about to visit a young vampire who lives off emotion. She’s going to get quite a lot more than she bargained for with this lot 😀

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