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writing continues....

at a somewhat rapid pace. I actually decided last Friday that I needed to get Destiny finished by the time I leave for Dallas, because I could use the long and boring hours of flight time to correct the thing. So, I spent the whole of the weekend working on it. We did go see my dad on Sunday (it was his birthday–happy birthday old man!), but I wrote before and after the trip, so that made up for it.

I’m now 310 pages into the third rewrite, and hoping to finish it by Friday. Well, it’ll be finish as far as the old sections go. I’ll have to write an epilogue over the weekend, as the ending I currently have just doesn’t fit with all the changes I’ve made. But once I’ve done that, I can then print the whole thing out ready to be packed in with my hand luggage. Hopefully, I won’t find too many mistakes, and I can ship it off once I get back.

As far as Riley goes, I did my allotted 5 pages today. Rhoan has just punched Riley, and Riley has just broken Rhoan’s leg. There’s nothing like a little sibling rough and tumble :). So, now they’ve got to get their act together, go find some missing people, and beat up on the bad guy instead of each other. I love writing this sort of stuff!

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