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on the Destiny edits, so there’s not a whole lot to report. I’m 280 pages in on the first edit run (which is where I self edit according to the comments on the edit letter) and once I finish that, I’ll actually go through the line edits and fix all those. So, a fair bit of work ahead of me yet.

Because I have nothing else to say, I thought I’d plug a friend’s book. Steve Perry is one of the sock monkey’s, an online crit group that’s evolved into more an online support group. His novel, Darkside, has done the rounds of publishers and agents, and it keeps getting rejected. Not because its no good, but because the publishers and agents don’t believe there’s a market for humorous fantasy. (apparently, no one has ever bothered telling Terry Pratchett this). Anyway, Steve’s basically said enough is enough, and is offering Darkside online as a free read (though you can paypal a token of your appreciation if you care too 🙂 ). So, if you enjoy a spot of wryly humorous fantasy, head on over to his website and check it out. And don’t forget to check out the reviews–esp the ones from his family–they’re a hoot 😀

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