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yet another plug...

this time for a good cause. I’m not sure how many of you have heard of Brenda Novak’s Auctions to benefit Juvenile Diabetes Research, but it’s a brilliant idea that raises some serious money for a great cause. Here’s the blurb from her site:

Join me as I work to raise money for those suffering from diabetes. My youngest son, Thad, lives with diabetes, so this is a very personal cause for me. I appreciate the support of the many people who have come together to make this happen. What an inspiration their generosity has been! In year one, we raised $34,982 that went directly to research. In year two, we nearly doubled that amount at $63,000. This year I was hoping to reach $75,000, but we’ve already blown past that. We’re at $88,000 as of May 16th, so I’ve readjusted my goal to shoot even higher. I’m now hoping to raise $110,000! To encourage your excitement over this event, the person who places the most bids over all (even if that person doesn’t win a single item) will receive some amazing prizes.

There’s some amazing items up for auction, all donated. For example, for writers there’s things like critiques from editors and agents, web site design, lunch with various top authors or editors, etc. For readers, there’s things like a ton of rare and signed books or having your name in the next book of a top selling author. There’s also stuff like paintings, televisions, jewelery, and home-made quilts. There’s even fun stuff, like a day of bridge with a world class player, or wine tours, or a pillowcase signed by 75 top-selling romance and fantasy authors (me included 🙂 )

In other words, there’s something there for everyone, so if you have a bit of cash laying about and are feeling a little generous, how about hopping over to see if there’s something that tickles your interest? As I said before, it’s certainly in aid of a worthwhile cause.

To check out the full list of items available, and for details on how to bid, head on over to Brenda’s site.

And head here if you’d like to check out the pillowcase.

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