Urban Fantasy live chat...

I’ll be doing a live paranormal round table tomorrow (Thursday, August 19, 2010) with Kelly Meding, Stacia Kane, S.A. Swann, Shana Abé, Jeannie Holmes, and Robert Masello at Suvudu, 4pm EDT time (US), which is 6 am Friday Australian time. Just head on over to Suduvu. com to sign up and join in!

In other news, well, I guess its no news that I haven’t been active on the blog much, but I’ve been busting a boiler trying to get all the edits done, as well as trying to get as close to finished on Risa 2 as I could. I’m three-quarters of the way through, which is close but not close enough, given I leave for my UK holiday on Sunday. I’m just hoping that I don’t loose the flow with the 3 weeks break. But I’m intending to blog about my adventures over there–putting up some pics of the places I’ve been. I’ll also be twittering and facebooking, so you can catch me there too :)

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