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well, golly gee...

guess what arrived on my doorstep yesterday? Yep, the Tempting Evil line edits. And I have to get them done and over there by next Friday. Joy, joy. 😉 Guess I’ll be working my butt off on Monday and Tuesday to get them done, because I’m actually busy this weekend and just won’t have the time (though if it rains Sunday like it rained Friday, I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to stay huddled up in my nice warm house.) But the good news is that I managed to get five more pages of Destiny done yesterday. I’m beginning to really like the direction the muse has taken this story–so not what I’d imagined, but good all the same. (though as I said before, I’m the author so I am naturally going to think that. The true test of suckiness will come when someone reads the whole thing for the first time.) I’m actually sitting here in the dark this morning (got up at six, thanks to the fluffy one and the leaping lab deciding to bark at something lame), with everyone else still asleep, and I’m about to do some writing before I have to go out. It’d be nice to roll over the 250 pages mark before the edits interupt the flow again (but this time, I have been jotting down notes of where I want it to head!)

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