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well, the muse’s need to play won out over writing on Tuesday, so all I actually managed to do was read the last couple of chapters of Destiny to catch up with where I’d left it. It’s actually becoming something of a pattern with me–after ‘deep’ edits, anyways. Seems I need to ‘shake loose’ the threads of one story before I get back into another.

But get back into Destiny I did on Wednesday. I managed six pages then, and another 7 yesterday, so we’ve hit the 240 pages mark. But this story has deviated a whole long way from the path I’d originally imagined. I guess that’s one of the problems of stop-starting a story–once the flow is interrupted, it’s hard to pick up the threads exactly where you’d left them. Well, for us seat-of-the-pants writers, anyway. I guess that’s where being a plotter would be an advantage–you’d know where the story was going, and wouldn’t have to keep starting all over again. Anyway, Destiny has just killed one of her tormentors, and then did a runner–only to be caught by our very irrate hero. Who’s making some threats that shock even me. Which is good–just unexpected. I love it when the muse takes the story in unexpected directions. And yep, sometimes those directions can absolutely stink, but that’s what rewriting is for 🙂 Right now, the plan is to get as much of this story done as possible before the next lot of edits come in. I’ve already been advised the line edits for Tempting Evil have been posted, so it’s only a matter of time before they arrive on my doorstep. I hope they take a few days longer than usual to get here–I need more writing time for poor old Destiny!

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