well, it seems...

I was just a little hasty with my aim of hitting 90 pages yesterday. I’d kinda forgotten I was sitting at 75 pages, not 85. So I wrote 6 pages, which isn’t bad overall, but no where near the 15 needed to hit 90. Ah well. The scene I was writing yesterday was pretty cool, though–and not what I’d originally intended to write at all. In this scene, Riley’s been called in to rescue the friend of a new character (you meet him briefly in Embraced by Darkness). I’d originally intended it to be a short, sharp fight scene that ends when the vampire runs, but instead it has become somewhat more complicated. It turned out the friend lives not in an ordinary apartment block, but rather a ‘vampire commune’. Now, it’s been a stated rule in my books that vampires don’t live together, but rules are made to be broken, and this is one of those times. It’s been fun to write this scene, and hopefully it’ll end up being rather creepy. And of course, having all those vampires around gives Riley a good reason not to chase down our would-be killer and knock his pointy little teeth out. :)

I won’t be writing much for the next couple of days, though. The line edits for Embraced by Darkness came in yesterday, and the due date to get them back to Bantam was actually yesterday. I’m like, well, I work fast, but not that fast. Anyway, it’ll be bum glued to seat for the next couple of days in an effort to get these edits done.

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