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Last weekend was a long weekend for those of us here in Victoria–not that it actually bothers me much any more, as I work from home, so every weekend is a long weekend for me. 🙂 But there’s something about long weekends that seems to bring out the crazy in people. Especially people in cars. Maybe they’re just being more aggressive because they want to get to their holiday spot ASAP so they can then sit down and relax…

Anyway, I didn’t do all that much myself. I avoided the crazy people by just not going out on the roads. We had family over on Saturday and Monday, and inbetween I did the galley edits on Eryn (man, it’s amazing the simple goofs you pick up even at this stage, after then novel being read I don’t know how many times) and finished the ARC of Jenna Black’s The Devil Inside. The end of the book lived up to the promise of the start, and I’ve already asked (begged) my editor to send me the ARC of the next one when she gets it. I need to know what happens! The book comes out in December, and I’d definitely recommend everyone who loves their heroines kick-ass and sassy to get it.

So, today I’m back to writing the sixth Riley again. I’m hoping to creep over ninety pages today, and to hit 100 by the weekend. I like hitting milestones, and being a quarter of the way through the book at this early stage would be good one. As ever, I’ll let you know how I go 🙂

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