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If you want to find out a little bit more about Full Moon Rising, and where I got the idea from, there’s an interview with me over on if you’d like to check it out. There’s also a great review. 🙂

In writing news, well…things are a little slow. The muse was in one of those moods yesterday–and no doubt the non-writing bug was helped out by the knowledge that the Serenity movie was due to be delivered. So naturally, I had to catch up with the last few episodes of Firefly (which I missed when they aired them on foxtel here), so I was already to go for the movie. And yeah, I have seen the movie, but since when has that mattered? More Mal is only ever a good thing 😀 But back to the writing…or lack there of. I’m actually inserting a new fight scene over the old ‘bitch and whine’ scene, and it’s somewhat slow going getting the lead-up and exit to match the new stuff. I’m just over half way through the major edits, and I’m seriously hoping to get these finished by the weekend. That’ll give me two weeks to do the line edits and final read-through, which should be enough time.

Meantime, the Loch Ness story is tootling along slowly. The heroine and heroine are turning out to be an argumentive pair. Not sure whether this is a good thing or not, but I’ll keep on rolling with it. Words on page can always be fixed, but a blank page never can! 😀

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